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Master Program in Environmental Arts




Department of Architecture and Landscape Design

The Initiation
The integration program of architecture and landscape aims at producing a balanced academic scheme with the people’s sustainable future in mind,and creating an interactive atmosphere for building activities and environmental art.

The Concept
The department’s programs emphasize on the idea of learning-by-acting. The academic courses are formed by experienced professionals and knowledgeable scholars, who will lead students to participate in state-of-art design process of architecture and landscape design. According to student’s inclination,activities such as manually erecting a coffee house or a relaxing garden also could be included in the studying programs.

The Goals
The main purpose of the department is to build a solid foundation on the training of architecture and landscape design. To implant an inspiring character into the department, three essential goals are set:

1.Upgrading the craftsmanship
Human being is enchanted by profound architecture heritage such as Egyptian pyramid, Greek temple and Gothic cathedral. Locally, we also admired some traditional buildings such as Taipei’s Dragon-Mountain Temple, Mist-Hill’s Lin-Family Garden and Tainan’s Confucius Temple. All these global and regional masterpieces possess sophisticated building technique and design thinking, which might be defined as the craftsmanship in contrast to mass production engendered by industrial revolution. In all the good intentions, the department not only attempts to recall the craftsmanship in building technique, but also the craftsmanship in our soul and mind which does not ally with mass production and consumption.

2. Upholding the Genius Loci
The local characters and regional merits belong to the most precious treasure of the profession concerning building environment. After the modernization, our society tends to rapidly copy Western style without looking into the valuable core of our own culture. The copied ‘international style’ tends to emphasize on practical function without looking into various levels of sediments derived from our history and tradition. To achieve a livable and lovable community, we need not only pay attention to practical function, but also the indigenous tempo, cultural value, and vibrant landscape. Understanding local characters and regional resources is the only way to revitalize our community. By systematically introducing the matrix of time, space and memory, the department tries to lead students to catch the sensation of our local culture and improve our indigenous community.

3.Understanding the ecological system
In 21st century, the goal of sustainable development seems to be the unavoidable orientation for every well-defined profession. In order to approach the ultimate goal of sustainable development, the studying and practicing of architecture and landscape design should cooperate with the understanding of local ecological system. Moreover, we should:

(a) look into the development of ‘ecological city’. Combining sustainable urban development concept with various land use activities, we might further reach to reasonable relationship among urban life, agriculture, industry and natural network.

(b) deepen the redevelopment of urban and rural area. Enforcing balanced development between community life and agriculture production,

(c)changing the situation of urban development causing the disappearance of agricultural land, and searching for economic opportunities while sustaining environmental ecology.

The Characteristics
With the combination of landscape and architecture, the department unfolds a new vision of environmental education. Except the possibility of joining our graduate program, the undergraduates can cultivate fundamental knowledge, obtain professional capability and gain the qualification in participating professional exams.


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